Anarbaev Zh. O., Bakirov G. A.

Some aspects of social mobility modeling
Anarbaev Zh. O., Bakirov G. A., Syr-Darya-University
Auezova-str. 11, 160547; Zhetisay, Kazakhstan


Every person is bound by specific ethnic and cultural backgrounds and is guided by certain behavioural patterns during the process of learning. But individuality – though based on traditions – is unique, because it is action and achievement-oriented; hence individuality cannot be reduced to elements neither of biological nor of social systems. Every social system should be considered as the structured network of interconnections that exist between individuals, groups, and institutions. They constitute an interrelated integral closure. The hierarchy and mobility of groups within a social system depends on various circumstances such as social and economic ranking, race, religion, creativeness, or other discernible features. Mathematical stratification modelling provides new approaches for understanding the origin of social groups’ mobility and the “anatomy” of terrorism.

Key words: social mobility, behavioural patterns, terrorism

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