Tatyana Khassanova


Assessment of Demand for Consulting Services and Business Education
of Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan

Tatyana Khassanova, graduate of the Department of Marketing Communications,
Institute of Economics, Trade and Technology, South Ural University,
Lenina Str, 76, Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia


The article presents the results of the study regarding the demand for consulting services and business education of entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan. Depending on the degree of temporary requirements for knowledge and actual marketing situation, the author classifies the educational demand into three levels: “catching-up”, “maintaining”, and “development”. The survey reveals that entrepreneurs of the three Kazakh regions display insufficient interest to invest in educational projects for the long term. The conservatism of thinking and an underestimation of the value of knowledge as a key business investment could induce new problems and inhibit the development of local entrepreneurship.

Keywords: demand, “catching-up, maintaining and development”, foresight, business consulting, competence of entrepreneurs.

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